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Table Talk Review: Gizmos

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

The gang takes a look at the new engine building game Gizmos from Renegade Game Studios.

Victory Points
  • Pure engine-building bliss
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Easy to track engine activations
  • Weaker Points
  • No theme (not really)
  • No solo mode
  • Personal Rating 5.0
    Victory Points
  • Awesome components
  • Simple, fast gameplay
  • Symbology is easy to learn
  • Weaker Points
  • Hard to keep track of what your opponents are doing
  • Minimal theme
  • Personal Rating 4.5
    Victory Points
  • Lots of paths to victory
  • Fun engine options
  • Not kludgey or over complicated
  • Weaker Points
  • Needs one trial game to enjoy fully
  • Personal Rating 5.0
    Victory Points
  • Simple engine builder
  • Quick to pick up and play
  • Weaker Points
  • No theme
  • Icon glossary needed
  • Personal Rating 5.0
    Overall Rating: Meeple Rating (4.875)
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