This Week in Gaming (01/21/19)

This Week in Gaming (01/21/19)

Take a look at some of the cool news in the tabletop world this week.

Days of Wonder announced a brand new game Corinth, based on the previous game Yspahan by Sébastien Pauchon.

Attention, Orcs. Fantasy Flight Games announced a new app supported cooperative game in the Lord of the Rings Universe, The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth

Cat-ladies rejoice.  WizKids has announced Kibble Scuffle, a brand new game about feeding felines.

Matt Leacock, designer of such duds as Pandemic and Fordbidden Desert, has released a flow chart to help you select one of his games for you to try.

Speaking of game selection guides, Tabletop Game Gallery has launched our own game guide to help recommend your next favorite game.  Tell us a little bit about your needs, your social security number, and a small fee and we'll be happy to help.  Kidding, it's free.

Doug Doug Kotecki is the Chief Curator at Tabletop Game Gallery, and even though his brain tells him not to, he still loves Taco Bell.

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