Weekly Game Night Recap (01/15/19)

Weekly Game Night Recap (01/15/19)

Welcome back to my Weekly Game Night Recap. Another week and another set of excellent games made it to the table. This week we tried a couple different game types and I started my first legacy game!


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Nut So Fast

Do you have fast reflexes? Try out Nut So Fast, you’ll have a knack for it. Do you slower reflexes? Try out Nut So Fast, you’ll have a great time. I was not good at this game, but it was a great laugh. Whether it was cycling through posing until I found the right one or getting close to grabbing that walnut, Nut So Fast is light, quick, and interactive. (Nut So Fast reminds me of a mix between thumper and spoons)

Flip Ships

Luckily this dexterity game is cooperative because I lacked the ability to flip a ship when the team needed it. I really enjoyed having a target, a clear goal, and special abilities. Flip Ships gets you up moving around even if that means sometimes chasing little tokens that roll across your floor. This game had me holding my breath as I watched my ship fly through the air sailing toward the mothership, and releasing heavy sighs as my ships flew onto the floor. The anticipation was worth every miss. It’s active, it's light, and it's quick. Will you stop the invasion or will you be rooting under your bookshelf because you flipped your ship into another galaxy?

Betrayal Legacy

Betrayal Legacy is my first Legacy game. No spoilers for those of you who plan to play. Although, one of our players had played chapter one previously and had different results with us. I was very excited going into it, and I'm excited to go back to it. Permanently changing rules, placing stickers on cards, and logging your character development was enjoyable. Although we only played through the prologue and first chapter, seeing the different ways the game manipulates itself was a new experience for me. I want to get into the next chapter! If you haven’t tried a legacy game, I would recommend it to anyone willing to listen.

Rising 5

Being able to control all of the characters in a cooperative game is a game mechanic I didn’t know how much I would enjoy until playing this game. The unique character abilities help prevent players from ruining each other’s turns. Earning attempts to unlock the code, rather than using a single action added an efficiency puzzle which was just enough to juggle. Rising 5 is a versatile game because of its gameplay options. The app integration allows players to play solo or cooperatively and tracks statistics from each game. You can even play manually. Without the app, players can play a "one vs. one" or a "one vs. many" game with one player acting as the code master. These different game modes give players a new game experience with each option. Will you crack the color code or will you allow the sun to eclipse and spend eternity darkness?


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