Weekly Game Night Recap (02/20/19)

Weekly Game Night Recap (02/20/19)

Welcome back to our Weekly Game Night Recap. Between players traveling and snowy Wisconsin weather, it feels like we haven’t had a game night all year! Luckily, last week we snuck in a game night on Valentine’s Day, as well as Tuesday this week. It was great to get some games to the table and enjoy everyone’s company.


Gùgōng has a large board with a lot of information on it, but it's all organized well. Gugong is a game of constant management. Balancing your available workers and the cards in your hand create tough decisions without laboring the gameplay.

TIME Stories: Brotherhood of the Coast

This was my first experience with TIME Stories. I will admit, I went into the game with low expectations, only to have my mind completed changed. This game took a "choose your own adventure" book and made it into a group experience.

Bunny Kingdom

For a first playthrough, starting a game with a hand of ten cards and selecting two of them without having played the game is a little overwhelming. But like any drafting game, as soon as you start making your next selections, the game makes more sense. Bunny Kingdom is a strategy game, perfect for most groups and the art and components fit the theme very well.

Betrayal Legacy

Two more chapters of Betrayal Legacy in the books! The house had two unspeakable horrors in which the traitor won both times. Every chapter builds on the chapter before it with new rules and components which makes each new game exciting. Without spoiling anything, there is now an heirloom spoon in our game, and I am looking forward to the next time we play.

Space Park

Space Park

Space Park is a simple action selection game with well-made components and well-done artwork. Quick turns keep players engaged, and the constant rotation of available actions make for fascinating decisions every turn.

Neal Neal Galletti is the resident "Game Guru" at Tabletop Game Gallery. He can help answer any questions you may have and releases a Weekly Game Night Recap, in which he shares what he's been playing recently.

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