Weekly Game Night Recap 2/28

Weekly Game Night Recap 2/28

Welcome back to the Weekly Recap. I had a friend come up and join me for some games this weekend, and with our regularly scheduled game night, we got a ton of games to the table this past week. Over the weekend I introduced some games that I've already played and enjoyed. Giving a game a second chance with another group of players can change your opinion of a game and give you a better understanding of it.



Chronicles of Crime

Another chance with Chronicles of Crime and it didn't disappoint. Every time I've gotten Chronicles of Crime to the table, it's been a hit. You may be skeptical of the app integration, I know I was the first time I played, but it's very smooth and easy to learn from the in-app tutorials.

Fireball Island: Curse of Vul-Kar

Introducing people to Fireball Island is worth it the second the board is set up, and the newcomers take in the breathtaking table presence. Fireball Island is a relatively simple game to teach and learn and is fun for competitive players who don’t mind knocking you down for some treasure.


Unlock! Squeek & Sausage

I was skeptical about another app-driven game. Even so, this game won me over as well. Unlock! Made my apartment feel like the base of Dr. Noside while it simulated all the hidden hints and objectives of a real escape room. Unlock! comes with a complete tutorial and in-game hints to help any level of gamer enjoy the experience.



The Disney theme makes every game better for me. Villianous has individual player powers, as well as personal objectives (cause Jafar doesn’t care about Peter Pan), and first-time players may get frustrated because they aren’t familiar with their villain decks. Although, even with two new players, our game came down to the last turn.



The game is afoot! This game is a thinker. You need to figure out the only possible space that the cryptid may live. The balance between gaining information from other players and concealing your clue is a dance that continues throughout the game. My favorite part of Cryptid is the doubt new players have that only one space will fit all the clues given, only for it to fall into place in the end.


Stone Age: Anniversary Edition

This was my first time playing “The Worker Placement Game.” Stone Age is the true OG when it comes to these games... or at least that’s what my game group and the internet say. I was happy not having a strict round limit and the attempt to cloak your strategy for end game scoring was fun. If you are unsure about worker placement games, this is an excellent place to start.


Pandemic: The Cure

Pandemic: The Cure is perfect for those who like Pandemic, but are sick of cards. It reduces most of the cards from pandemic into dice. The dice keep the series fresh and exciting, in case saving the world from deadly diseases wasn’t enough.

For Sale

Want a lesson in real estate that doesn't apply to real life? For Sale makes you spend money to make money. Hopefully. You attempt to buy properties low and sell them high, but just like real business, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is the bottom line. For Sale tests your business sense, while still keeping the game light.


7 Wonders: Armada

Armada is a welcome change to 7 Wonders and adds a whole new value to each card you select as you attempt to increase your naval power, build trade routes, and discover new islands. While only adding a few cards and a small board to each player, Armada offers a full experience while not changing the core game.




Evolution: The Beginning

“Hey it's a new species” is the only way to start your turn in this game. (Inside joke) In Evolution: The Beginning you want your animals to eat the most food. The theme fits seamlessly into the gameplay as you try to make your species well protected and fed. Just like real life, carnivores create more dramatic player interactions whereas the herbivores have a more subtle impact.




Small box game with real-time stress. Mesozooic is a game that explores the different possibilities of Jurassic Park. Those of you capable of completing a slide puzzle against the clock may keep your dinosaurs in their enclosures. While the rest of us scramble around hoping our guests don’t notice we just played as many trees as possible to prevent rampaging dinosaurs. Mesozooic is an interesting drafting game that tests the brain.



Just One!

Just One! has taken over most of the party games in my mind. Everyone at the table plays at the same time on the same team. Just One! is an easy game for any group to pick up. The fun comes when everyone tries to read each other's minds and be creative. Sometimes with hilarious results.

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