Anchors Aweigh!

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Adventure awaits! You and your fellow seafarers will have to quickly decide what supplies you need for the journey ahead in this real-time game. Grab tiles from the pile of assets in the middle, filling your ship until the cargo holds are ready to burst. Quickly decide how many shovels, swords, maps, and other items to take in order to bring back the most treasure. Once your ship is full, set sail and tackle the adventures ahead!

Once your ship is loaded with equipment, you’re ready to tackle the adventures ahead! Make discoveries, trade goods, and complete contracts to earn treasure. Beware the pirates! They’ll steal some of your cargo if you can’t fend them off. Satisfy their demands to earn a reward. The sailor that claims the most treasure will win!

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 84 Assest Tiles
  • 52 Adventure Cards
  • 4 Ship Boards with Screens
  • 36 Coins
  • 18 Treasure Chests
  • 3 Parrots
  • 64 Cargo Tokens
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Anchors Aweigh!

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