Animal Upon Animal: Here We Turn

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The fun is stacking up! Excitement abounds for those with slick stacking skills in the Animal Upon Animal: Here We Turn! game from HABA! The crocodile would have preferred to make an excursion on his tree trunk by himself, but the other animals fancy coming along too.. and try to find a place on the back of the crocodile! Only the one who skillfully stacks animals, carefully turns the rotating disk, and does not forget to make the right animal voices at the right time can win this game! Another crazy twist on the classic Animal Upon Animal game! Try them all! A spinning stacking game perfect for ages 5-99

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 1 game board
  • 1 rotating disk
  • 22 wooden animals
  • 1 shark fin
  • 1 die with symbols
  • 1 wooden disk
  • 1 wooden disk
  • 1 Set of game instructions
  • 5 Circular Score Markers
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Animal Upon Animal: Here We Turn

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