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Catacombs & Castles - Front

Catacombs & Castles

  • $39.99
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DiceGame Overview

Catacombs and Castles is a standalone game featuring a "Catacomb" team of heroes vs a "Castle" team of heroes. The game serves as an introduction to the Catacombs world and dexterity game system, so it features simplified, fast game play with some new mechanisms.

As in Catacombs, players flick pieces around a board to simulate combat, with cards and special powers dictating how you can move and attack.

Catacombs and Castles supports up to eight players competitively (in "Team Mode") and up to four co-operatively (players teamed against an 'Overseer' player called "Boss Mode"). The game is compatible with the third edition of Catacombs, serving as an expansion for that title with a new board, and will be compatible with the Catacombs: Wyverns of Wylemuir expansion.

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 1x Double Sided Game Board
  • 1x Double Sided Punchboard
  • Elzra's Wall System
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2x Sticker Sheets
  • 8x Castle Hero Cards
  • 8x Catacomb Hero Cards
  • 4x Castle Lord Cards
  • 4x Catacomb Lord Cards
  • 13x Castle Ability Cards
  • 13x Catacomb Ability Cards
  • 3x Castle Warrior Card
  • 3x Catacomb Warrior Cards
  • 2x Cylinder Obstacle Wood Pieces
  • 2x Square Obstacle Wood Pieces
  • 2x Rectangle Obstacle Wood Pieces
  • 17x White Medium Wood Discs
  • 17x Black Medium Wood Discs
  • 2x Orange Small Wood Discs
  • 2x Gray Small Wood Discs
  • 2x Brown Extra Small Wood Discs
  • 1x Black Large Wood Disc
  • 1x White Large Wood Disc
  • 2x Purple Large Wood Discs
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