Klondike Rush

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DiceGame Overview

Hunt for fortune and a mysterious snow beast in the frozen north. 

  • Bid on stocks in four different mining companies.
  • Build mines and gather resources.
  • Hunt for the snow beast and claim the reward!

  • Explorers have discovered gold on Mount Titan! Four mining companies rush to grab the fortune, even as reports emerge of an abominable snow beast capturing miners and destroying camps. Will you strike it rich as you invest in and guide the endeavors of each company? Will you hunt down the snow beast and claim the cash reward for its capture?

    BoxWhat's In The Box
    • 1 Game Board
    • 32 Order Cards
    • 5 Last Bud Cards
    • 60 Money Cards
    • 36 Mining Company Cards
    • 5 Profit Cards
    • Snow Beast Card
    • Snow Beast Figure
    • 48 Mine Pieces
    • Town Token
    • 35 Hunt Tokens
    • Rulebook
    NotepadGame Details

    Klondike Rush

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