Knit Wit

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Knit Wit is a party game of word entanglement for two to eight players. Players race to find playful answers that match as many word categories as they possibly can. Instead of fixed categories, though, players generate their own! During setup, place loops of yarn around numbered spools, combining two, three, and sometimes more words to form distinct categories. For every unique match on their sheet, players score points equal to the number of words in that category. In this way, players may need to come up with something that is both mythical and living, or that is warm, brown, and smaller than a breadbox. With 114 word tags, there are innumerable combinations you can explore!

With simple and intuitive rules, Knit Wit challenges the intellect while remaining easy to learn. Each game lasts only fifteen minutes, making it perfect for social gatherings. Challenge yourself by coming up with the craziest categories you can and see how creative everyone can be!

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 8 Loops
  • 8 Clothespins
  • 4 Bonus Buttons
  • 114 Word Tags and “Shuffle Tag”
  • 8 Coloring Pencils
  • 8 Numbered Spools
  • 1 Rulebook
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Knit Wit

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