Near and Far: Amber Mines Expansion

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DiceGame Overview

Expansion #1 for the storytelling game, Near and Far!

Explore the vast underground with new Amber Mine cards. Visit updated buildings, including new actions at the Mine, Mystic’s Hut, and General Store. 9 new adventurers! 13 new threat cards! New COOPERATIVE mode lets you play on a team with your friends!

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • New General Store Tile
  • Cooperative Board
  • New Mine/Mystic’s Hut Tile
  • Magic Track Tile
  • 1 Animal Companion
  • 5 Minder Adventurers
  • 4 Magic Teacher Adventurers
  • Score Pad
  • 4 Magic Track Tokens
  • 4 Expert Dice
  • Skill Card
  • 1 Rulesheet
NotepadGame Details
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Near and Far: Amber Mines Expansion

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