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SONAR is a family version of the award-winning Captain Sonar board game. It puts all the excitement of the original into streamlined gameplay that's easy to learn and quick to play.

In SONAR, two teams of two to four players operate opposing submarines in an undersea battle. Players navigate their vessels in an underwater game of cat-and-mouse, trying to locate their opponent while avoiding being spotted themselves. Each has the same goal: destroy the enemy!

Players on each team take the roles of Captain and Radio Operator. The Captain navigates their sub by declaring moves, while the Radio Operator tracks the enemy's path by recording the directions they call out. Whenever the Radio Operator thinks they're in striking distance, the Captain can fire a torpedo. The team that inflicts two damage on the enemy first wins the game! In the end, the team with the best communication and teamwork will claim victory.

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 4 Double-sided Captain Sheets
  • 4 Double-sided Radio Operator Sheets
  • 2 Transparent Radio Operator Sheets
  • 4 Erasable Markers
  • 1 Screen
  • 1 Rulebook
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