Sorcerer Base Game

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DiceGame Overview

Sorcerer: A Strategy Card Game is set in what the company describes as a grim, gaslamp lit world full of fantastic, mythical creatures and sorcery. Designed for two to four players, the game pits two ancient beings of great power against one another to determine which of their lineage are strongest. The players use sorcery to conjure minions, cast minions, and wield enchanted items to reach the game's goal of conquering three battlefields.

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • Four 10 card Character Decks (Ariaspes, Miselda, Tegu, and Zevrane)
  • Four 20 card Lineage Decks (Followers of Usir, Hellfire Cult, Keepers of Progeny, and Oberon's Kingdom)
  • Four 10 card Domain Decks (Forgotten Temple, Haunted Forest, Outcast Sanctuary, and Screaming Coast)
  • 12 skill cards
  • One Blood Pool card
  • Four avatar standees
  • Four player boards
  • Three battlefield boards
  • Seven wooden tokens
  • Eight custom dice
  • Over 100 counters
  • A full color rule book
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Sorcerer Base Game

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