Treasure Hunter

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Welcome to the goblin-infested wilds of Richard Garfield's Treasure Hunter!

You and up to five friends compete as rival treasure hunters on a quest for legendary riches. Your journeys lead you to three locations: up to the icy peaks of the Frosty Mountain, into the thicket of the Tangled Jungle, and down to the depths of the Lava Cave. Each location is loaded with treasures simply waiting to be discovered, but in order to walk away with any of them, you'll first need to assemble a winning team of adventurers.

Treasure Hunter is a fast-paced and interactive drafting game in which you try to get richer than your opponents over the course of five rounds. Each round, before you set off for the hills, you draft a new hand of nine cards, including adventurer, watchdog, coin, and action cards. Your adventurers race through the three different locations, jostling for position and taking advantage of your action cards in order to snag new treasures. Then, once your teams return to base, your watchdogs help you keep the region's goblins from running off with your hard-won loot!

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • Rules
  • One game board
  • 75 equipment cards
  • One round marker
  • 24 goblin tiles
  • 62 treasure tiles
  • 75 gold coins
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Treasure Hunter

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