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Weekly Game Night Recap (08/16/19)

  I had a chance to play some games with only two players this week. Of course, that doesn't mean all of these games are exclusively for two players. Though one of them is, which made the other games feel less special and maybe even unpretty. Agricola: Family Edition This version certainly streamlines Agricola into a manageable system that my simple brain can comprehend. My official opinion... meh. Full disclosure, I have yet to find a game by designer Uwe Rosenberg that I love. Sure I'll play Bohnanza or his endless supply of tile-laying games, but I find his designs...

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  • Posted by Doug Kotecki on

Weekly Game Night Recap 2/28

Welcome back to the Weekly Recap. I had a friend come up and join me for some games this weekend, and with our regularly scheduled game night, we got a ton of games to the table this past week. Over the weekend I introduced some games that I've already played and enjoyed. Giving a game a second chance with another group of players can change your opinion of a game and give you a better understanding of it. 

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Weekly Game Night Recap (02/20/19)

Welcome back to our Weekly Game Night Recap. Between players traveling and snowy Wisconsin weather, it feels like we haven’t had a game night all year! Luckily, last week we snuck in a game night on Valentine’s Day, as well as Tuesday this week. It was great to get some games to the table and enjoy everyone’s company. Gùgōng Gùgōng has a large board with a lot of information on it, but it's all organized well. Gugong is a game of constant management. Balancing your available workers and the cards in your hand create tough decisions without laboring the gameplay....

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New Arrivals for February 13th 2019

Arkham Horror: Third Edition - Video Overview

Check out our brief overview of Arkham Horror: Third Edition by Fantasy Flight Games and then get even more details by heading over to the Arkham Horror: Third Edition product page.