Table Talk Review Process

Table Talk Review Process
In the upcoming future, we'll be offering our very own reviews!  Reading board game reviews can be tricky. And by tricky I mean long, cumbersome, and boring. Did I mention long?

We want to speed up the process. Not only that, we want to give more than one person's opinion, with an aggregate score so you have a better idea of what a group of gamers might think.

And most importantly, we're not going to regurgitate every possible rule or each possible application of said rules.

Our goal is to review a game quickly by pointing out the highs and lows so you can get busy playing your next favorite game.

So how do our reviews work? Each reviewer will list their "Victory Points" or great parts of the game. These are the things that worked and made the game enjoyable. Next, each reviewer will list their "Weak Points" of the game. These are the not so great parts of the game, in some cases, they may ruin the game, in other cases, they may be slight nitpicks. From here, you'll get a pretty good idea what a reviewer thinks about the game in question. As if that weren't enough, we'll attach a number score to our review as well.

So how does our scoring system work? It's a highly proprietary and secret formula only granted to the truly worthy... Who am I fooling? It's a 4 point rating system. So here goes...

5.0 - I loved this game. I love it so much I should probably marry it.
4.0 - This is a good solid game. If you asked me to play it, I'd almost always say yes, unless I don't like you.
3.0 - This game is okay. It doesn't set my gamer heart on fire, but I might play it again if the mood is right.
2.0 - No thanks, this game is not for me. I didn't like it, and if I never play it again, I'm okay with that.
1.0 - I hate this game, and believe it to be the spawn of the devil. Please remove it from my premises before I'm devoured by hell with it.

Once we have the scores from each of the reviewers we use a complex math equation called an "average" to create an overall rating.

I feel like I just gave you too much information. Either way, the primary goal is to help you sift through the massive amounts of games that are coming out each year. We lost a warehouse worker last year when a pallet of new hotness landed on his leg. He literally spent minutes in the hospital. Get well Gus!
Doug Doug Kotecki is the Chief Curator at Tabletop Game Gallery, and even though his brain tells him not to, he still loves Taco Bell.

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