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7 Wonders: Armada Expansion - Front

7 Wonders: Armada Expansion

  • $33.99
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DiceGame Overview

Add a new board to your Wonder, sail the seas and use your Armada to increase the influence of your city!

At the beginning of each Age, the players each get a hand of 8 cards. They will thus play an extra card during each Age. Now, when a Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue card is played, the player will be able to move the ship of the same color one space, and thus get advantages.

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 8 Dockyard Boards
  • 32 Ship Figures
  • 24 Armada Cards
  • 27 Island Cards
  • 2 Incursion Tokens
  • 6 Coins
  • 4 Game Aids
  • 48 Naval Conflict Tokens
  • 6 Ground Conflict Tokens
  • 1 Score Booklet
  • 1 Rulebook
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