Five Tribes

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Crossing into the Land of 1001 Nights, your caravan arrives at the fabled Sultanate of Naqala. The old sultan just died and control of Naqala is up for grabs! The oracles foretold of strangers who would maneuver the Five Tribes to gain influence over the legendary city-state. Will you fulfill the prophecy? Invoke the old Djinns, move the Tribes into position at the right time, and the Sultanate may become yours!

In this worker displacement game, players score by carefully maneuvering the Five Tribes of Meeples over the tiles that make up the ancient city/state of the Sultanate of Naqala. You need to look ahead to determine what moves will not only position you to score well, but put your opponents at a disadvantage. It`s when, how, and where you dis-place the Five Tribes of Assassins, Elders, Builders, Merchants, and Viziers that will determine your victory - or failure!

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 30 Tiles depicting the Sultanate of Naqala
  • 2 Players Sets with 11 Camels and 2 Turn markers each
  • 2 Players Sets with 8 Camels and 1 Turn markers each
  • 1 Draw Bag
  • 16 Yellow Vizier Meeples
  • 18 Red Assassin Meeples
  • 18 Blue Builder Meeples
  • 18 Green Merchant Meeples
  • 20 White Elder Meeples
  • 10 Palaces & 12 Palm Trees
  • 22 Djinn cards
  • 54 Resource cards
  • 96 Victory Coins
  • 1 Bid Order & 1 Turn Order Track
  • A Scoring Pad
  • 5 Djinns & Turn Order Summary Sheets
  • A Rules Booklet
NotepadGame Details
  • 2014 - Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Winner
  • 2014 - Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Nominee
  • Game ExpansionsGame Expansions

    Five Tribes

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