Ghost Stories

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A peaceful village is under attack by the Lord of the Nine Hells, Wu-Feng!

Ghost Stories is a highly-interactive cooperative game that challenges one to four players work together as Taoist priests attempting to turn back the tide of evil and save the doomed village. With mystical powers and ancient martial arts, the heroes will battle wave after wave of ghosts and demons until Wu-Feng himself rises to claim his ashes and retake physical form.

Working together is your only hope as the ghosts increase in number and force. The Taoist priests must sacrifice resources, time, and even their lives in this desperate battle against the ghostly hordes.

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • Four game boards
  • Nine village tiles
  • Five custom dice
  • 65 cards
  • 53 tokens
  • Fourteen plastic figurines
  • Rules, player aids, and a sheet to record your results
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Ghost Stories

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