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3-4 player logic and deduction game. Great for family game night with mechanics reminiscent of Clue and Go Fish. Plays in 20-30 minutes.

In Herbalism, a dangerous pandemic is spreading throughout the country. Players take on the role of a group of novice pharmacists, hoping to find the cure to the disease! Using various actions, players will exchange information to find out the precise combination of ingredients needed to cure the pandemic.

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 4 Pharmacist Markers
  • 4 Cure Markers
  • 5 Action Cards
  • 7 Medicine Cards
  • 14 Ingredient Cards
  • 8 Prediction Markers
  • 1 Action Marker
  • 1 Start Player Marker
  • 12 Victory Point Chips
  • 1 Rulebook
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