Meeple Circus

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Let the show begin!

You have only one goal in Meeple Circus: Entertain the audience. The competition is tough, but you can create the most amazing circus by proposing incredible acts! Acrobats, horses, and many accessories are at your disposal. Be sure to undertake a good rehearsal, then with your remarkable dexterity, you can give them the show of their lifetime. Once the circus music starts, all eyes will be upon you!

In short, Meeple Circus is a dexterity game in which you do what all gamers do when setting up a game: Pile up your meeples!

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 5 Circus rings
  • The clap-o-meter
  • 1 measuring ruler
  • 3 Scoring tiles
  • 5 Score tokens
  • 32 Public demands cards
  • 18 Component tiles
  • 38 Circus act tiles
  • 32 Acrobat meeples
  • 10 Guest Star meeples
  • 32 accessories
  • 2 sticker boards
  • 1 First player token
  • 2 Speed bonus tokens
  • 1 rulebook
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Meeple Circus

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