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Guide a nation's progress from Antiquity through the Industrial Age in Nations, a board game of civilization building and deep strategy for one to five players.

Over eight rounds of gameplay, you'll build innovative technologies, gain Military Strength, acquire exotic colonies, create magnificent wonders, experience lavish Golden Ages, wage wars against other nations, and more. With every decision you'll have to manage your gold, stone, and food resources, balance your nation's stability with your need for workers, enhance your nation's culture by acquiring books, and experience events that could either cause the downfall of your nation or make it great.

At the end of the game, the total victory points produced by all your nation's accomplishments is summed up. The nation with the most victory points is the greatest and the winner of the game!

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • One score board and one progress board
  • Five two-sided player boards
  • 65 workers
  • Fifteen architect blocks
  • 296 Progress cards and 48 Event cards
  • Five player discs and Five Player Order cards
  • 24 solo event tiles
  • 240 resource, victory point, and book tokens
  • One six-sided die, one War token, one Round token, and twelve Used tokens
  • One scoring pad
  • One rulebook
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