Oh Captain!

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Welcome to a land of mystery and adventure! After being rescued from a shipwreck by the Nukha, a mythical sea creature, you and the rest of your crew find yourselves in its treasure-filled den. Now, you and your crewmates are set out to scramble through the dark cave, looking for valuable treasures hidden there to bring back to your Captain.

You see, these items that litter the cave are valuable resources to the Nomads wandering the island, and everyone knows it. In fact, they're so valuable, that you’re positive your fellow adventurers have been lying about what they’ve found, and that it’s only a matter of time before everyone begins turning on each other. How long will it be before a mutinous crew overthrows their Captain? Who can you trust?

Oh Captain! is a game from Ludonaute that sees 3 to 6 players embark on an adventure of deception and treachery. You and your friends take on the role of shipwreck survivors who have been transported to a foreign land by the mythical Nukha. Led by a mysterious message in a bottle, Red, Lys, Moon, Ulrich, Nostromo, and Siana sailed bravely into the heart of a storm that nearly claimed their lives. Now the race is on, as everyone rushes to collect the most valuable treasure while keeping their overbearing Captain in the dark.

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 36 playing cards
  • 6 Character boards
  • 1 Card dispenser
  • 1 bottle w/ message
  • 3 Majority tokens
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Oh Captain!

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