Samurai Spirit

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Throughout history, legends have been told of brave warriors overcoming impossible odds. Now it is your time to forge a legend of your very own.

Samurai Spirit puts you in the role of an elite samurai warrior, joining up to six other samurai as you attempt to defend a helpless village from hordes of bloodthirsty bandits. Will you charge into battle to conquer your foes and leave the village vulnerable, or will you stay back to protect the town while the enemy’s numbers grow. The choices you make will not only impact you, but your fellow samurai as you must work in tandem to save the villagers. Will you stand united to confront this great evil, or fall in the face of overwhelming odds?

Drawing on the rich history and mythology of the famed warriors, Samurai Spirit is designed to be a cooperative experience. Work together to formulate strategies and combat the threat… or don’t. But know that standing together will make you stronger than standing alone

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 7 Samurai game boards
  • 7 Samurai meeples
  • 7 Support tokens
  • 6 Farmstead tokens
  • 10 Barricade tokens
  • 3 Family tokens
  • 66 Raider cards
  • 1 Village game board
  • 7 Wound tokens
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Samurai Spirit

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