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The play's the thing in Shakespeare, a board game for one to four players set in the theatre scene of Shakespeare's London.

You and your opponents have six days to stage a magnificent theatrical performance that will earn you as much prestige as possible. To do so, you must cast a troupe of actors and hire artisans, create lavish costumes, and decorate your set—and that's on top of writing all three acts of the play!

Along the way you'll hold two dress rehearsals that can create positive rumors about your production or doom it before the curtain is drawn, and of course, you'll have to pay your actors for their hard work.

Shakespeare combines action point management, card drafting, and auction mechanics to create a unique strategic challenge!

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • One main board and four individual boards
  • 30 Character cards
  • Ten Objective cards
  • Four Recruitment cards and four Game Reference cards
  • 72 Costume elements
  • 72 Stage Set elements
  • Twenty cylinders
  • 28 discs
  • Two cloth bags
  • 81 tokens and coins
  • One rulebook
NotepadGame Details
Game ExpansionsGame Expansions


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