Sheriff of Nottingham: Merry Men

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The rumors about smugglers are all over Nottingham’s alleys. In the last year, the Sheriff has confiscated a lot of illegal goods, but surely he needs help! A Black Market has formed in the alleys, full of special demands from those inside. This has caused a rise in the number of smugglers, including many experienced thieves. Two Deputies were hired by the Sheriff in response. Prepare your illegal goods, follow the new laws, and fulfill the people’s demands! Merry Men join your group in order to profit even more!

Sheriff of Nottingham: Merry Men is a collection of expansions for the hit game Sheriff of Nottingham! The expansion is modular in nature, allowing players to add some, or all of the extra content to their games of Sheriff of Nottingham. Modules include: Laws, Special Orders, Black Market, Merry Men, and the 6th Player expansion, allowing Sheriff of Nottingham to be played with a 6th person.

The 6th Player expansion, allows another player to enter Nottingham to sell their wares. Due to the rise in contraband, the honorable Sheriff has hired two Deputies to assist in the confiscation of illegal goods and to better watch the flow of commodities into our great city.

There have been rumors that a Black Market has opened in Nottingham, where demand for contraband is very high, and so are the rewards for those Merchants willing to take a risk! In addition, Special Orders have been being made by especially wealthy patrons of the city. Lively Merchants can fulfill these orders for added profits as they bring

It has also been rumored that The Merry Men (outlaws of notoriety) have been seen frequenting Nottingham. Wreaking havoc when they are smuggled into the city, it is ill advised for merchants to provide them assistance. These iconic outlaws have long hindered commerce in Nottingham, and have disrupted Prince John and the honorable Sheriff’s plans. Penalties for assisting such outlaws can be quite steep, but could also be rewarding!

In an attempt to thwart free access of Nottingham to outlaws (both of the Merry and Merchant kind), Laws have been decreed by Prince John. Enforced by the Sheriff, and his deputies, this expansion brings about changes to the game, adding variance to the goods that can be brought into Nottingham. Who can guess what the next law will be in the land? Perchance bread will be outlawed!

BoxWhat's In The Box
  • 1 Merchant Bag for the 6th Player
  • 1 Merchant Stand for the 6th Player
  • 6 Deputy cards
  • 6 Black Market cards
  • 24 Law cards
  • 15 Secret Order cards
  • 18 Merry Men cards
  • 2 Deputy Markers
  • 1 Booty Tile
  • 1 Sherwood Forest Tile
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Base GameBase Game
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Sheriff ofNottingham: Merry Men

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