Neal's Top 10 - Games Played in 2018

Neal's Top 10 - Games Played in 2018

Hello, Happy New Year everyone!

Welcome to my first TableTalk Blog post.  I am Neal, your Game Guru here at Tabletop Game Gallery. I would say I am a relatively new gamer, but I hope to try as many games as I can this year.  Last August I joined my first game group,  and to be honest is was the highlight of some of my weeks.

Going forward you’ll hear a lot from me letting you know what we are playing, what we're looking forward to, and keeping you up to date with all of the board game news you can handle.

This is a list in no particular order of 10 games I really enjoyed in 2018. Not all of these games where released in 2018, but they were new to me.

I tend to be drawn toward games that are easy to teach, but not necessarily easy to win. A fair amount of the games on my list are enjoyable for gamers but nothing too complex to intimidate folks new to tabletop games.  (Except for Terraforming Mars)

This list is simple and to the point.  If you want more information click on the game images for full product details.

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Objective: Build a machine that produces the most victory points.
What I liked: Easy to learn game with colorful components that reward those who build efficiently. A captivating engine builder that is accessible for wide range of players.


Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar


Objective: Collect the most victory points from treasures, pictures, or the heart of Vul-Kar and escape the island.
What I liked: An immersive theme with amazing table presence. Fireball Island is fun for almost everyone and provides plenty of entertainment for those brave enough to challenge the Curse of Vul-Kar.


Dinosaur Tea Party


Objective: Guess other players dinosaurs.
What I liked: Deduction games are tricky, I know because I lost my fair share of Guess Who when I was younger. This game feels the same, but with better art and little twists that make every game of Dinosaur Tea Party interesting.


The Mind


Objective: Cooperatively play numerical cards in order without talking.
What I liked:The first game to make me feel this kind of suspense. Every round feels like a crossroad and the anxiety builds because you can only choose one. Do you have the lowest card or will you cost the group a life? Choose wisely.


Discover: Lands Unknown


Objective: Survive.
What I liked:I like how every player gets a unique experience from the game. Explore and interact with a completely unique world based on the components you get in your game.




Objective: Be the player to first locate the Cryptid.
What I liked: Each player only gets one clue or rule to where the Cryptid could be located. It amazes me every time I play that the clue combination only leads to one possible location.




Objective: Collect the most victory points over four rounds as you travel from port to port.
What I liked: You land your long ship, but before you leave with your reward you must defend it against all the other Vikings. Otherwise you flee in shame for abandoning your prize.


Snow White: Gemstone Mining Game


Objective: Collect the most valuable gems over 5 rounds
What I liked :From your uncle with the gambling problem to your kids who like shiny rocks, this game offers teaching moments about risk and reward while keeping it light for everyone to enjoy.


Hive Mind


Objective: Do not be the first Beeple to be kicked out of the Hive.
What I liked: Hive Mind encourages the players to come together and think as one family, while each player stuggles to keep their place in the Hive.


Terraforming Mars


Objective: Have the highest terraform rating when Mars becomes habitable.
What I liked: The corporation you choose gives you a blueprint, the cards you draft give you the parts, and when you finally Terraform Mars, only the most influential player will win.


Neal Neal Galletti is the resident "Game Guru" at Tabletop Game Gallery. He can help answer any questions you may have and releases a Weekly Game Night Recap, in which he shares what he's been playing recently.

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