Weekly Game Night Recap (01/08/19)

Weekly Game Night Recap (01/08/19)

Welcome to my Weekly Game Night Recap. Here at Tabletop Game Gallery, even though we are a friendly local online game store, we still have a weekly game night.  Going forward these posts will keep you up to date with what games we are getting to the table. Since there are so many games coming out all the time, we may not get to every new game that comes out but I will do my best to let you know what I thought of each game.

This week I played with three players and had a 4th join us for 1 game.


Players: 3  Games Played: 1

Newton is a more complex game.  It takes a little bit more time to learn, unlike a family game. Each player board has a specialty, making it easier for newer players to choose a path. Having so many choices may be a bit overwhelming.  I felt like everyone stuck to a path, but by the end of the game, it mattered how far you made it on your other tracks that made the difference in the final scoring.

12 Days

Players: 3  Games Played: 2

12 Days

Easy to teach, easy to learn, and has a complexity that changes based on your group. The simple trick-taking is offset by managing your sets in your hand for end game scoring. Having the cards in your hand score points at the end of the games is an excellent twist on trick-taking games.

Chronicles of Crime

Players: 4  Games Played: 1

You need to use your phone to search crime scenes and interact with the cards in the game. It's a pretty cool use of an app with the board game. This game sucks you in as players pass the phone around sharing new information while you get the feeling of interviewing suspects. The game puts you in the role of a detective questioning everyone involved in the case and searching crime scenes. Character voices and quirks add to the gaming experience.  Just try it.

To end our night we played a game that is still in development, which is one of the coolest gaming activities I have experienced. The game was far enough along to play and was functional. After the game, we workshopped ideas to fine-tune the game to make it a little cleaner or engaging in some parts. Everything from the number of rounds to whether the game should have a spinner were on the table.  Every aspect can change the overall feeling of the game. The game is planned to be a family level tile/worker placement game. I'm looking forward to playing again, and I'll let you know when I can share more details.

Neal Neal Galletti is the resident "Game Guru" at Tabletop Game Gallery. He can help answer any questions you may have and releases a Weekly Game Night Recap, in which he shares what he's been playing recently.

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